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Bundle recommendations (at least)

2 bundles for 10-14″

3 bundles for 14-24″ 

4 -5 bundles for 24-30″ 

Style and Maintenance (professional stylist recommended)

1. Co-wash and dry before install.

2. Sealing wefts before installation is recommended.

3. Have install done by a professional stylist to protect your investment.

4. Trim ends to minimize split ends and apply a minimum amount of oil as needed to prevent dry brittle looking hair. TLC is needed, this is Virgin Human Hair.

5. Use a heat protectant when applying heat.  Style combing from ends to roots!!!

6. Wash and deep condition every 2 weeks.

7. Air dry or sit under dryer recommended to dry the hair. NEVER SLEEP ON WET HAIR TO  PREVENT MATTING!!

8. Use an applicator bottle to apply oil between braids to protect the natural hair underneath.

9.Flexi rod, platt, wrap, or place hair in a bun at night. Apply satin/ silk bonnet.

We have a  no refund policy therefore a licensed professional stylist is  highly suggested to install, color, and maintain hair.